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There should me option to show near by business like if some shop convert their shop to business profile it should be appear to visitor who is looking for thet shop near to his place
Epsilon Osclass Theme / Re: Cant upload Photos for listing
« Last post by MB Themes on Yesterday at 07:34:44 PM »
It is not generated in case there is error on publish page.
Try to disable JS optimization
Veronika Osclass Responsive Theme / Re: Message on error_log
« Last post by MB Themes on Yesterday at 07:33:40 PM »
Not Osclass issue.
It is simply message from mail server.
Veronika Osclass Responsive Theme / Message on error_log
« Last post by danads on Yesterday at 07:30:22 PM »
I have this error on error_log

Code: [Select]
[01-Apr-2023 01:01:23 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Warning:  <strong>SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected]: Administrative prohibition
</strong><br />
 in /home2/anunturi/public_html/oc-includes/osclass/utils.php on line 562

and this error is coming for lots of emails


Could you provide me with the following function:

We want to create a contact button that shows a pop-up;

It should display the contact details for users who have a listing listed or are part of a specific (paid) user group / business partner.

If not it should show “List your vehicle for sale or become a verified partner in order to get in contact.”

What would be the ‘If’ function?
Business Profile Plugin / Which profile should always show on home page
« Last post by pakhome. com on Yesterday at 03:19:25 PM »
There should be a option to add vip , premium profiles always show first then basic in this it will be easy for us
Themes / Local Business Schema for category pages
« Last post by Ajit Sahane on Yesterday at 02:06:55 PM » -  now for-sale category -  10 ads

here loop-single.php called in search.php and showing items with img & other data.

So, I want to generate local business schema using those items shown.

If we shown 10+  free items & 4-5 premium items etc total items, then

want either premium ads or either free section ads or combine both section ads with limit. if limit set 10 then 1st all premium & then free ads counted and top 10 ads data used in local business schema inside.

So, basically  want this schema type json-ld format with selected categories only. 

MB team can make special plugin for this function. Its must required for SEO.

I try to make this schema, but search page - item data can't fetch with loop.

<div class="products <?php echo $view; ?>">
            $c = 1;
            while(osc_has_items()) {
              eps_draw_item($c, false, eps_param('def_design'));

              if($c == 3 && osc_count_items() > 3) {
                echo eps_banner('search_middle');


Here want these inside values in json-ld schema format - how to get these values in c++ loop format with limit 10 etc.  ..? like,

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "LocalBusiness",
  "name": "<?php echo osc_item_title(); ?>",
  <?php if($image_url <> '') { ?>"image": "<?php echo osc_esc_html($image_url); ?>",<?php echo PHP_EOL; } ?>
  "address": {
    "@type": "PostalAddress",
    "streetAddress": "<?php echo osc_esc_html(osc_item_address()); ?>",
    "addresslocality": "<?php echo osc_item_city_area() .' '.osc_item_city(); ?>",
    "postalCode": "<?php echo osc_esc_html(osc_item_zip()); ?>",
    "addressCountry": "IN"
  "url": "<?php echo osc_item_url(); ?>"

So, anybody can try this...? OR mb team can guide more in this...?
Epsilon Osclass Theme / Re: Cant upload Photos for listing
« Last post by Kinmel Bazar on Yesterday at 02:00:55 PM »
Thanks for the answer, i have fixed it now.

can any one tell me where to change what in which section?
to make the upload image section active

Osclass Pay Plugin / Re: Place order even if products are in cart
« Last post by tejville on Yesterday at 12:05:00 PM »
Yes, I can pay as admin or user with bank transfer.

But, I want to have an option to simply "Place order" without any payment requirement so the Company who receives the order to ask him how he wants to pay (cash, card, pay on delivery, etc)
So my platform won't get involved with payments at all.

Thank you.
Ticket raised.

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