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They can be removed/commented out from the footer.php - check there, towards the bottom (search for them and remove or comment out the <?php ....... ?> for each link you want removed.

General discussion / Re: Right settings PHP | Optimization
« Last post by Wiz on Today at 01:21:43 AM »
As suggested previously, go with Cloudflare if you want a 'super global experience' with better security (and for FREE/entry package).

For additional redundancy and speed - change all remotely served .js/.css from whatever cdn.*****.*** they're loading from to (search that site for the specific script used and replace with their url). jsdelivr uses 3 of the top cdn providers Cloudflare, bunny and fastly.

I'd also unload unused modules from php ie. Redis, unless you have access to a redis instance where you can then save your php sessions to ... beats file-based session storage for medium to high-traffic websites.

Rest of values look good.


Almost forgot - make sure to have a proper caching strategy in place for your static files (they don't usually change that often unless you're constantly modifying your theme/site.) This is managed by your web server.
General discussion / Re: 'Mail from'
« Last post by Wiz on Today at 01:09:26 AM »
Caching nor memory have anything to do with email ... I'd check with the hosting company if there are any restrictions to your package mailing feature, as MB suggested.

You can setup the sending "from" either from the admin panel or hard coding it in phpmailer under vendor/phpmailer

If it's not properly being recognized and it is correctly set in admin then it's either a problem introduced by maligun (try installing it again, empty/clear your from field in the plugin, save and uninstall it then go back to the mail server in admin and set and save your preferred from there.

Another thing to do is to check your DB to see if the value is being correctly updated there.
General discussion / Re: Work is being done on 8.0.3
« Last post by Wiz on Today at 01:01:26 AM »
Is Santa bringing us 8.0.3 this year? We've been sooooo gooooooood  :P

Just checking so I can plan my site launch accordingly.

Thank you!
General discussion / Re: Memcache(d) Questions and Issues
« Last post by Wiz on Today at 12:55:21 AM »
That's an easy one dsf ... They're basically telling you they don't support tcp memcache(d) and you'll have to instead use unix/socket ... so find out the unix socket path from them or by loading a php info page and paste as follows in config.php

$_cache_config[] = array('default_host' => 'unix:///path/to/memcache.socket', 'default_port' => 0, 'default_weight' => 1);


$_cache_config[] = array('default_host' => 'unix:///path/to/memcache.socket:0', 'default_port' => '', 'default_weight' => 1);

Forgot to add: Memcache and memcached are interchangeable from a config and caching point of view ... it's just 1 is ancient yet still updated and the other one is more recent and actively updated.
General discussion / Re: Memcache(d) Questions and Issues
« Last post by dsf on Yesterday at 10:42:34 PM »
I have found some old forum posts from a developer from some other site and the information is very usefull:

Osclass cache function file is based for Memcached extension.

Their are two thing in MemcacheD first is a daemon which you can install via yum or apt in your server, second Memcached/Memcahe are two extention for php to communicate with Memcached daemon.

Inner osclass MemcacheD class are for Memcached php extension.

General discussion / Re: Memcache(d) Questions and Issues
« Last post by dsf on Yesterday at 10:00:32 PM »
I see in DefinitionCache.php:

 * Abstract class representing Definition cache managers that implements
 * useful common methods and is a factory.
 * @todo Create a separate maintenance file advanced users can use to
 *       cache their custom HTMLDefinition, which can be loaded
 *       via a configuration directive
 * @todo Implement memcached

Apparently memcached is not implemented but @todo. never did ....

Any plans?
General discussion / Re: Memcache(d) Questions and Issues
« Last post by dsf on Yesterday at 08:55:22 PM »
I wrote that none of them is working and also i provided the error and the reply from my hoster.

Osclass uses some other way (tcp ports) and unix sockets are needed (as it works with Wordpress plugins and memcache).

And it is not currently supported from what i understand.

What shall i do?


You mean from home page?
Exactly, but only mobile
General discussion / Re: 'Mail from'
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 08:44:18 PM »

Do you recommend turning on the OSC_CACHE?
How come the emails are still send in from [email protected]

To be more specific; what should i ask my hosting?
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