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General discussion Questions on osclass script itself, problems with osclass and similar... 341 1961
Feature request Looking for new feature in osclass? Submit it here and our team will surely take a look on your idea. 34 140
Report bug Have you find bug in osclass? Report it there so our team can take a look on it. 64 342
Themes Questions on free/external osclass plugins... 7 27
Plugins Problems with osclass free/external plugins... 13 59
Delta Osclass Theme 60 242
Gamma Osclass Theme 149 612
Beta Osclass Theme 246 1092
Alpha Osclass Theme 87 441
Stela Osclass Theme 168 763
Starter Osclass Premium Theme 53 207
Veronika Osclass Responsive Theme 1165 5885
CareerJob Osclass Jobs Theme 39 177
Zara Osclass Responsive Theme 816 3944
Sigma Osclass Theme New default osclass theme delivered in osclass v4.0 and later 39 163
Omega Oc-Admin Osclass Theme First and only one backoffice theme for osclass 24 126
Ideas, improvements and tips 43 170
Showcase Show your classifieds here! 20 68
Free themes 62 249
Elena Osclass Responsive Theme 38 159
Patricia Osclass Responsive Theme 222 1044
Sofia Osclass Responsive Theme 20 157
Tatiana Osclass Responsive Theme 82 426
Osclass Pay Plugin Professional payment solution for osclass including Paypal, Stripe, Instamojo... 308 1738
Business Profile Plugin Attract companies to publish on your site allowing them to create business profile 88 403
Voucher & Discount Osclass Plugin Provides vouchers, discounts and credits for osclass pay plugin 3 6
Multilanguage Attributes Plugin Custom attributes and fields with icons, multilanguage, cascade dropdowns... 83 381
SMS Notification and Verification Plugin Enable visitors to verify their phone numbers via SMS on their osclass account or listing as well as receive SMS notifications from classifieds. 22 102
Authenticate Osclass Social Login Plugin Login to osclass using facebook, twitter, instagram, google or any other social account 13 35
Invoice Osclass Plugin Generate beautiful templates for your osclass classifieds easily and quickly 15 55
Forums Osclass Plugin Bring new content and enable discussion forums for your osclass 24 122
Blog and News Plugin Create blog or news section on your osclass in few minutes 76 418
FAQ Plugin Create nicely looking and easy to navigate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your osclass classifieds 6 14
Ad Importer Plugin Ad Importer Plugin for Osclass is powerful tool for importing and loading listings from different sources, can be local or simply external URL 9 35
Infinite Scroll Osclass Plugin Improve user experience and your theme UI and provide more essential way to load new listings on search page. 6 12
Cache Plugin Generates static html files to reduce response time of website 22 98
OpenStreetMaps Plugin Add map functionality to osclass 17 48
Poll & Feedback Plugin Create poll or get feedback on your osclass classified to improve your services 7 46
Virtual Products Plugin Allow users to upload digital products and/or sell them 12 47
Online Chat Plugin Boost client's communication using online chat 36 183
Make Offer Plugin Improve conversions of listing by allowing customers to make offer. 20 70
Newsletter Plugin Send newsletters to your customers easier than ever before. 13 39
All in One SEO Plugin Most powerful SEO plugin for osclass 113 549
Account Synchronization Plugin Synchronize user records/data across multiple osclass installations. Keep user records up-to-date. 3 3
Invisible ReCaptcha Plugin Protect your osclass forms with latest google recaptcha. 13 51
User Rating Plugin Enable your customers to rate buyers and sellers 58 231
Banners & Advertisement Plugin Create and manage advertisement (banners) on your site. You can create different types of adverts that fits all your needs: HTML advert, Image advert and Adsense advert. 29 87
Rest API Plugin Developing iOS or Android App and you need effective way to get data out of osclass into your app and backwards? Rest API Plugin for Osclass can handle more than 60 operations! 10 27
SMS Payments Plugin Allow your users to promote or move to top their listings by SMS 39 190
Exchange Rate Plugin Convert item price to any currency (Multicurrency plugin replacement) 4 20
Backoffice Manager Plugin Ultimate plugin for osclass that brings amazing functions 103 487
Instant Messenger Plugin Improves communication between customer and seller 135 738
Favorite Items Plugin Enable users to create favorite lists and add there their favorite listings 47 240
Advertisement Manager Plugin Allow osclass admins to easily create different banners 52 299
Spam Solution Plugin Protect osclass against spam bots and spammers 49 243
Radius Search Plugin Allow users to search in radius of location and brings different types of maps 92 450
Item Validation Plugin Allows admin to validate new/edited listings before they are visible to other people 20 85
Followers Plugin Enable your customers to follow sellers or buyers on your classifieds 3 3
CDN Osclass Plugin By delivering static content from CDN service you may increase website speed for visitors far from your server 12 43
Hooks Manager Plugin Manage functions in hooks or reorder hook functions. 6 13
Social Share Plugin Let your users easily share listings of your osclass 9 38
Auto Registration Plugin When new listing is added, new account is created for author 14 89
Image Required Plugin Allows to set image as required field when publishing / editing listings 14 77
Loan Calculator Plugin Enable users to calculate monthly payments and interest amount for loan/mortgage 4 5
Osclass GDPR Plugin Prepare your osclass for upcoming EU data regulation - General Data Protection Regulation, that will take effectivity from 25. May 2018. 14 79
Free Osclass Plugins List of free plugins developed by MB Themes 25 166
Social Share Tags Plugin Manage meta-data for social sharing to provide correct information 5 15
Google Connect Plugin Users can login to osclass quickly with their Google account 20 109
Welcome Box Plugin Let's promote your listings, discounts, promotions or just simply say hello to your customer with welcome pop-up box on homepage. 13 32
Success Publish Box Plugin Free osclass plugin to show pop-up box when new listing is published with share and promotion options 17 53
Facebook Login Plugin Allows users to register or login via facebook on osclass 36 196
CSS & JS Minify Plugin Compress and merge CSS style sheets and JavaScript files into 2 single files. 20 92
Email Template Plugin Give your emails uniform and nice look in minute. 9 22
Ideas, improvements and tips Feel free to place your idea for improvements or tips for future development 76 342
Other 73 248