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Title: Facebook Login Code?
Post by: Sony on July 11, 2017, 02:29:21 AM

I configured the facebook plugin to be registered and logged in.
The moment I enter the registration page, I click on connect via facebook, it sends me on the facebook page to accept the terms ... after accepting it it redirects me to the main page and does not login or register the account.
You get this link in the URL after redirect.

" www.xxxxxx.com/?code=AQAK4yEZkYGDRfA-HOL456Gvy6ip1xxTItCRsxchmQls-v_HiR9iGUpt8B6a4gAbTDRrxF45cZEZQFxW-ciY-NIzlTD0xqn4TA9nr23G4vzf46tN3OadjNsiqJgvd2ZsILhiYI6SsXrCKM-Wkd-zOFaZhEbmqPTevS6cTr5WduJqyeWVkIyLAWrhNZl-tY-a4C2OUL8B0vvCRXru3KOhy7FDEyZKMDOxqmvAiqHbOozpaH_uVunNDTxUL0uAgjAykewIfbWXK5eofM2vBIBeHdVH7lXNSecM6Dz-_yoXXlZATiKMXuyQk4XWv93KtvnWj7hd_Cq5otkQHXlNRJ9HOD6jtcROd_DU7R2ckHLzzdlnMQ&state=958ead41e23395be43bd15fb01aba7d2#_=_ "
Title: Re: Facebook Login Code?
Post by: slicer on December 15, 2017, 01:44:21 AM
thats exactly the problem I'm facing right now, the same error.
Title: Re: Facebook Login Code?
Post by: MB Themes on January 30, 2018, 08:53:38 AM
Please use Facebook Login Free Osclass Plugin (https://osclasspoint.com/osclass-plugins/social-and-authentication/facebook-login-free-osclass-plugin_i74)