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3 issues/errors while using Make Offer Plugin
« on: October 18, 2022, 06:05:01 PM »
So I've just installed Make offer plugin on my installation.

The first issue that I noticed which should be a glitch.
When I make an ad listing with offer option and then register a test account and submit offer the seller does not receive the email notification that an offer has been received. They can only see the offer in offers tab in account. The buyer does receive notification when offer is replied back to. (Just to note that my email server is working properly on all emails and I'm using AWS server)

Second issue is when the seller declines offer (Buyer does receive email notification) but when they go to submit new offer on ad listing it says: You have already submitted offer that was not checked by seller or was already approved by seller.
but it was already declined by seller in section is shows DECLINED  so it was already checked? It should allow buyer to give a new offer again

Third issue it gives error when you first submit offer it says: Whooops, There Was Some Error. Please Try To Add Offer Later.
But when you refresh the page the offer is sent. I've tested on 3 test accounts and it always shows that error when you submit offer first but when refresh it shows working.

When the plugin is changed to Approve by admin only the email notification (first issue) and error (last issue) disappears but the second issue still remains. It will still not allow to submit new offer because it still shows was not checked or already approved by seller even though the seller DECLINED offer.

So how to fix all issues to work when approve by admin is disabled?

Also SUGGESTION: If admin approval is enabled it would be nice to have notification in admin oc-admin panel to let admin know when new offers need to be approved because at the moment when offer is sent it is not shown in admin panel to approve it so I will not know when new offer needs to be approved unless I manually go to plugin and offers tab. All other plugins have this feature  in top admin nav bar to notify admin when something needs to be approved and this plugin does not have it.
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  • Re: 3 issues/errors while using Make Offer Plugin
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    I still need this fixed.


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    Re: 3 issues/errors while using Make Offer Plugin
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    Thanks we will review these and try to implement in next update.
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