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Major update v2.0
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:09:57 AM »
We are happy to announce there was major redevelopment and redesign of plugin.
What has changed?
  • Plugin name changed to Banners & Advertisement Plugin
  • backoffice design has been completely changed
  • banners and advertisement management is much easier now
  • added new tips and notices into plugin so it is easy for newcomers to setup the plugin
  • removed redundant and unnecessary styles & scripts from back-office. Removed Open-Sans font at all.
  • front-office styles and scripts has been removed and merged directly into code (due to low size) in order to negate impact of plugin on website speed or SEO
  • added javascript validation functions on advert size to avoid confusion and invalid values
  • advertisement preview URL changed to /advertisement-preview/{key}
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