IDR Currency on Invoice and Osclass Pay
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:51:45 AM »
Hello Hi,

I use IDR currency, with "." as thousand separated and "," as decimal separated, opposite USD currency
as the result Invoice cut the amount, I check at data look like this:

Table: osud_t_osp_bank_transfer /f_price = 200000

but at

Table: osud_t_invoice/f_paid and f_amount = 200
Table: osud_t_invoice_item/f_rate = 200

Where I have to setting, I use Osclass Pay.

Thank you.


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Re: IDR Currency on Invoice and Osclass Pay
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Please create support ticket with all the details.
  To get fast support, we need following details: Detail description, URL to reproduce problem, Screenshots