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[Suggestion] - Gladly pay for new admin theme
« on: February 22, 2023, 09:30:01 PM »
Hello @MB,

As the subject says, I'd gladly pay $$ / $$$ for a new admin theme that:

- Prioritizes and focuses more on operational/management views than configuration
- Extends admin/staff toolbar notifications
- Adds more reporting views
- Is responsive
- Adds dedicated views for types of admin/staff (support, financial, moderation, administration etc.)
- Easy to navigate, especially with 20+ plugins installed
- Is extensible, allowing for integration or supporting of third-party support scripts, service tracking, tracing or monitoring views ie. new relic, into the main theme
- Supports DarkMode
- Although not critical, RTL support would be great!

If anyone has any great ideas then please share them here.

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